Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains south of Yosemite National Park, the Evergreen Conference Center, Oakhurst lies above the winter fog and just below the snowline at 3,000 feet. This unique and enchanting Christian conference center occupies approximately 160 acres, lushly forested with pines, oaks, and manzanitas. Its meadows and woods give a home to many species of native wildlife.

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Easter Sunrise Service. 
Imagine the rising sun, the magic of Easter morning, gathering with your friends and family, as Fr. Gordon Kamai of Christ Church leads the celebration of Christ's resurrection.  An optional hot breakfast in Lyles Dining Hall, at a very reasonable price, follows the service. Reservations are required for breakfast.

Opera at Oakhurst.
The Opera at Oakhurst weekend for 2015 will be devoted to studying and discussing opera production.  Throughout the weekend there will be talks on opera production, on how operas were staged when they were first performed, and on the conventions, technology and physical conditions that determined their composition. But we will also look at some of the most important and controversial productions of our own time, determining why stage directors decided to present the work in the way they did. We will look at DVDs of both “traditional” and “radical” productions and discuss the differences between them; in doing so, it is to be hoped that we will begin to develop yardsticks that might allow each of us both to judge the quality of productions that might initially appear to be strange and to understand the meaning behind those stage techniques and interpretations that have puzzled us.

Thanksgiving at ECCO, an annual tradition. 
Imagine how wonderful Thanksgiving can be when you can relax with old and new friends, eat delicious food, enjoy the beauty of our surroundings, and no dishes to wash!  Thanksgiving festivities begin with an optional Holy Eucharist from 11:00 to 12:00, followed by appetizers, and then dinner at 1:00. p.m. Spend a quiet afternoon visiting, playing games and relaxing.  For those choosing to spend the night, a new tradition is the ringing of the bells, a fun and entertaining event.  Consider an optional stay over that evening with departure on Friday morning after breakfast.  Come join us; it's fun!

Celebrate New Year's Eve at ECCO. 
Welcome in the New Year with an evening of good food, music, dancing, games, and the comfort of knowing you don't have to drive home.  Enjoy an fun-filled evening,  including overnight lodging and a farewell brunch in the morning.   





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